Watch parts


Given that last year allot of my work had to do with the mechanical aesthetic, I decided to buy a bag of watch parts to create some work. They came in a bag all mixed together and the first thing that I wanted to do was to separate them so that I could actually see the individual pieces. On the  bottom row, the arrangement was purely by accident, symmetry and geometry has always been something I had used without consideration, so the first ones that I created were in a neat grid format. The size of the paper as well was all accidental as they were originally just bits of scrap paper that I had from cutting up previous work.
I then began to experiment with putting the watch parts into neat arrangements such as the line and the rectangle. The top 3 were the last ones that I made and I chose to put them in a small circle as it is representative of a watch face. Eventually I ran out of steam with them due to the precision and delicacy which they require and I began to feel like I could replicate the pieces a hundred times over and they would look beautiful and neat but they would not interest me. I tried developing them to painting over them and arranging them to portray messages in binary due to the fact they almost resembled hieroglyphics, however I took a decisive step away from them and have began to focus on the photographs of residual marks that I have taken  and see where they could lead me.

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