Life After University – Callum Peters

Callum Peters is a former student of the university of Chester, where he studied graphic design.tumblr_lzjy37Ru9n1qb654go2_1280.jpg
In his second year he undertook the  work placement module where he went to do work experience for a design company. For him it was something brand new and he had always shrugged at the idea of web design and things of that manner, but it was here that he realised it was the right thing for him
He then spent his final year developing apps and landed a postgraduate job within a design agency called LULI. However after 4 months he was made redundant and in this time worked freelance for small design agencies.

Eventually he landed a dream job working within the BBC as a junior designer. He said that it was unlike anything that he’d ever experienced. The BBC being a large corporation ( working on a team of around 130) tend to go slower in their work and really take time to develop and evaluate the work that they do, whereas he found working as a freelance designer he was always pushed to work at a fast rate.

Eventually he became a UX Designer which stands for user experience design. Their job roll aiming to enhances the users experience looking at-
– Accessibility
-Human factor

He work as part of a team to do responsive re-development of the BBC websites and apps. They aim as a company to create “one service” as a brand across all of the websites and locations.
The most important thing that I learned from Callums lecture was that sketching is an important part of his job as he uses it to collaborate with other people and to develop ideas. He says redesigning is a key factor as you always arrive on a better idea the more ideas that you create

“Never settle on your first idea, no matter how good you think that it is”

What’s next?
– Make yourself known online – Linked in, Twitter, Blogs ect.
-Go hunting for jobs – Sending in a portfolio even when they’re not looking
– Be inspired – Pintrest, Medium, Invision
– Be as proactive as you can by looking for jobs in February to may
-Learn new skills and new software.
-Go to events and exhibitions.
-Be professional and keep relevant to what you’re applying for
– Keep documents tidy – photo shop by naming layers
– Know who you’re talking too.
– Put on a brilliant show, showcase what you can do

I appreciated Callum coming in, even though again design isn’t my particular field I found him quite inspiring as a person. You can tell he’s passionate about what he does.


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