Ethics in Art and Design

We had a lecture that highlighted points in the American Institute of Graphic Artists code of conduct, none of the Art/Design bodies in the UK have a similar code. In it we were viewing controversial artworks that came under scrutiny because of their offensive nature, it really makes you question what are the ethical implications of being an artist. For example –


Some of them go on to say that an artist should treat all work in progress as confidential, which would mean networking and sharing enthusiasm for a current project would breach these terms. Another says that an artist must avoid work that may result in harm to the public, but there are hundreds of artists and designers who work in a deliberately offensive way with the intention to provoke thought or maybe even to offend and highlight an issue.The  question really is, does avant garde art have a different set of ‘ethical codes’ to follow, or is it society simply trying to create ways to stop people from free expression. I agree that ethics are important in everything but I like to think that the majority of it is common sense.

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