Residual marks – Finding beauty in the everyday

It completely baffled me to begin with that on a week long trip to the beautiful country of Malta that all I seemed to photograph was grubby marks on walls and peeling paint that had been left behind from someone or something.

They pose many questions for me, Why are they here? What has caused them? Why haven’t they been fixed? Why is it that these are things that hold my interest in everyday life?

They became a basis for a series of work in which I tried to re-create similar effects by creating holes in plasterboard. However I feel like in doing so intentionally the whole feeling of the work being a residual mark gets lost somewhat, and that its because these marks are present in everyday life and are an organic product of some action they cannot be replicated but merely documented. I do enjoy through this process that It has somehow become and apparent trait that I have, to recognise beauty, form and pattern in the everyday marks which ordinarily would go unnoticed.

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