Upholstery canvases

Don’t you love a happy accident, due to the amount of canvas that I had been using, I was informed that if I wanted any more I would have to buy my own so, I became resourceful. I was given some old swatches from work but they had just been sitting around at this point as I could think of anything to do with them other that laser cut into them. I decided to replace the canvas I had been using and instead wrap the MDF in upholstery, and use the staples that would ordinarily be put in the back and them be a permanent feature. I also decided against plastering them as I wanted the texture to show through so instead I was planning on just painting them white.


On the bottom shelf and the left hand photo you can see the end results, I’m so happy with them, I like the idea of using waste and everyday materials to make art as well as the way that the colour of some of them peeks through slightly, I intend to make much more and experement with wrapping them in different ways and adding pleats ect.

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