What to do ? What to do?

I feel because university if finally nearing an end, that I actually don’t want to finish learning and practising art. I feel like I have really enjoyed and become absorbed in learning and improving and that this year has been the most productive and knowledgeable years of my life . . .  and I don’t want it to end ! A prospect that other people seem to find strange but i’ve decided to have a look at some higher education courses and see what they have to offer. I chose to look at fine art courses both here and in Manchester and weigh up some of the pros and cons. In my mind however I had already chosen where I was going. I chose to apply to Chester because I get to keep my job, stay in a beautiful city, and work with staff who have supported me for years and who I admire greatly.  13262121_10209491078975084_941144854_o

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