Painting with plaster

I decided after much deliberation, to try and experiment with creating textured plaster paintings. The above are images of the first three that I created. I chose to use the colourscheme of the paintings that i made last year mostly because the white plaster would take a great deal of paint to create a vivid bright colour, and strong colours have never much appealed to me anyway. I found it interesting that the glue i used to prime them, repelled the plaster and left small visable cracks on the surface, this was because I used quite thin plaster.


I then moved on to try and create softer colours and using just one this time. I thought that the plaster was far too thick for this one and you couldn’t quite see the gesture that I wanted to show.


The images below are of the pure white ones, these are by far my favourite, I loved the ambiguity that they create, in that you can’t quite tell what has created the marks and what they are meant to represent.

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