Exhibition Statement


For the degree show, we had to create a statement regarding out work, and our approach to the project. I struggled with this, mainly because explaining my work takes a great deal of time and because it contains allot of ‘Arty words’ and i wanted the statement to be easy to understand for everyone who views my work.

Here is the draft of the statement –

For this project I have been interested in creating texture within art in an abstract manner, with the aim for this being the focus of the piece rather than representation. This eventually developed into the creation of textural monochrome paintings created out of furniture upholstery.  My final piece consists of an assemblage of monochromatic works of art of varying shapes and sizes. In creating all of the work the same colour and a similar format, you can carefully examine areas of the pieces and the creation of them, because I intentionally left the evidence in various ways such as the visible stitches and staples that would ordinarily not be included or seen.
The presentation for my work has revolved around the notion of auras in art in relation to display and how displaying art in a formal manner creates a feeling of importance or transcendence. As well as the concept of art being just an object and the value being created by the viewer. I wanted to create a conversation with the viewer about the traditional conventions of display and in displaying them this way I could create an ambiguity around whether or not the work is even finished or resolved.


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