Meeting for the Live Project

Today, I had a meeting with Chris about how we’re going to gauge peoples responses to Johns work. The whole basis of his Mres is to determine whether you need an artistic background or cultural understanding to be able to interpret art.

Going to identify a control group of 6 people to take to the 3 locations where the art will be displayed and decide which questions we need to ask to determine their response to the work in terms of “do you get it ?”

  • 2x people who teach art/ curator/ artist
  • 2x art students/ been through a degree
  • 2x people who have had no formal art teaching

We’re also going to create a numeric questionnaire for the people at the exhibition opening to fill out because with previous exhibitions i have helped Chris by doing this and it has been difficult to ask people and write down their responses. By using a numeric system it also means that the data can be put into a graph and interpreted much easier. Alongside this is going to be a map that is filled in by one person, watching the way in which people walk around the gallery space.
I suggested maybe creating an on line questionnaire so that we could reach a much wider audience but this could be done after all of the exhibition is done.


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