Presentation Feedback

Today we got our feedback from the professional practice interviews and I am rather pleased with my grade. Overall for the 40 % of the module I achieved a 65 which is a 2:1. It says in the feedback that the presentation was constructed well (thank you Neil for all of the presentation seminars) and that it was delivered with confidence and that I had answered the questions well after consideration. It also goes on to say that the references that I had included were relevant and showed the conceptual edge that I had created. Jeremy says that in my work my aspirations need to be matched with the scale of the works, which since the presentation I had been doing and the work has developed allot since then. Another comment was that my presentation was more engaging than the work that I had shown them which at the time I had explained was only a small experimental piece. In hindsight I should have focused more on the work that I had created this year and talked more in depth about it, as well as carefully considering the work that i brought in an maybe trying to produce a much more resolved piece of work for them to look at. But overall I am very happy.13235067_10209495423963706_1151624535_o.jpg

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