Incorporating sewing

Luckily for my birthday I was gifted a brand new sewing machine and I thought given that I’m using fabric, I should definitely incorporate stitching. I had thought about this for a while as I was so Inspired by Alberto Burr’s Sacchi series, in which he uses visable stitches to create patchwork compositions of burlap.


This piece is by far my favourite, It was originally atatched with large black tacks but I viewed these as far too intrusive and so took them off and replaced them with small pins, like the ones originally used to create canvases themselves. I loved the torn and distressed feeling that I has, I’m thinking about developing this with some of the other pieces that I have made that I’m not particularly happy with and ripping them off, sewing them back together and then pinning them back on. I made about 9 in all and they work great as a small series but I want to try and wrap them more. I loved the contrast that the grey background gave the work, It really makes the fabric stand out and it stands out from the other work.13148318_10209401251329449_1470497785_o13140898_10209401252729484_4916207_n

The large pieces at the top were made next, I intentionally left them unpainted so that I could decide whether to paint them grey or white however, I like the wood, it contrasts against the neatness of the pieces but I don’t like how it has seemingly created a frame around the work and doesn’t look like a part of the piece. It wont all be shown as one piece anyway, they will all be assembled together on shelves.



The top piece with the red thread coming out, was one that i had ripped apart and put back together and I think that it looks far more interesting than it did previously. Also see how well the grey piece stands out and contrasts the white of all of the work.

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