Day 1 – Hanging work


The first job was to paint this wall black, this was done so that the paper drawings that are to be hung on them will stand out much more. The white line, is a piece of string that has been nailed in at both ends and checked with a spirit level that it’s straight so that the work is hung in a neat line.

These are photos of Greg and John hanging up the pictures, to make sure that each one was evenly spaced we used a folded over piece of card, something that i would have never thought of ! Without their insight I’m sure that it would have taken me a whole day to hang all 15, I think that it is important for me to see all the ways to hang work before the degree show and I am sure that it will come in handy. John chose which drawings he wanted to show, from a massive pile. He told me that he buys reams and reams of paper and fills all of them, and that in this way he remains creative. He chose to do 3 rows, with each row being 5 drawings in a series. 13210926_10209480727716309_905767966_o

The end result looked amazing, they were simply hung with 2 pins in the top corners and i think that the black wall definitely worked in contrasting the white paper, if the wall had been left white, the drawings would have become lost.

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