Day 1 – Post 2

13234660_10209480725876263_1979337067_oThe aim of the day was to make sure that all of the drawings were hung, so that we could hang all of the paintings tomorrow. Chris decided that 10 of these drawings were going to be displayed in frames and that the rest of them should be double stacked on the wall by the use of pins. My job was to put the drawings into pairs ready to be hung, not an easy task, I chose to do this by looking at the colour and style of each of the drawings and trying to pair them based on their similarities.


These were then hung in a similar way to the drawings using a spirit level and a piece of card to determine the spacing between them. I also learned something that i would have probably never considered in displaying work, not only the spacing on the wall but the height of the work as well, and whether it is at eye level, too high or too low would not work.

We had to consider the spacing of the work from the window and the light switch on the wall but overall I think that they look amazing displayed in this way, close together so that you can examine the whole series and the similarities and differences between them.

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