Day 2 – Hanging work

This Morning was spent framing the last of the drawings. Luckily Chris had spent his evening making the frames and cutting the mount ready. each Drawing then had to be cut to size and taped to the mount using archival tape (Because masking tape will eventually deteriorate the drawing). My job was to match each drawing the the individually sized frames. hey could have been framed in 2 ways, either each frame was the same size and the mount was varying or the mount remains the same and the frames change slightly. Chris chose to keep all the mounts uniform which meant whilst he cut the drawings and taped the mount, I had to find the frame and the glass that fits it and clean the inside. Once all of them were mounted, the backing had to be cut and it was fixed onto each drawing.

The next step was to hang all of the paintings, they were hung on different walls in groups according to their similarities, so there was a group of stacks, a group of black and white ones and a group of more beige interiors, ect. They were all put into place on the floor so that we could look at the placement and make any changes regarding their positions. 13241589_10209480726956290_1390148745_o

Mirror plates were then fixed onto the paintings, in the middle. All of the paintings are of varying size so, the mirror platers are placed in the middle of each painting and they were all hung so that the middle of each runs through the same line, so the heights are different but they all have the same middle point. whilst all of this was going on it was my job to adjust all of the spotlights so that all of the work was well lit. The lights hang on rows and can be moved, they were either narrow or wide beam and given the large amount of work and the few lights that we had it wasn’t an easy task.13234937_10209480725596256_66806767_o

I got there in the end though, and I was rather happy with it. It’s another thing that could be easily overlooked but it plays a huge part in the overall effect of an exhibition, just like the way in which the Wendell Castle show was done with dark walls and the light coming from some of the sculptures themselves, bathing the room in warm light. In that exhibition the light and environment fitted the work. I think this exhibition does the same.


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