Johns paintings


I chose to include in my blog some of the knowledge that I have learned from John in the past 2 weeks. He drew my attention to the bottom painting, saying that the iceberg like white shape, is from something that he had seen in the real world. When he was younger he said that he worked as a gardener (I think) and there was a piece of glass that leant against a shed and he walked past it for years and it always drew his attention, this is what he has painted, the shape as he remembered it, from years ago. I found this fascinating that his memory could hold so much information and that he could remember specific things that he had seen throughout his life. The frame around the piece was made by Chris, to Johns specifications, he said that the frame had to be grey and there had to be a space around the picture, in doing this the frame stays not a part of the painting and allows you to see the way that the paint has gone over the edges and the unintentional residual marks from his paintings that he had left behind.

This is one of my favourite pieces and was exhibited at the Royal Academys summer exhibition. It is simply named “stack.” The reason that i like it so much is the textural quality of the background coupled with the flat neat stack in the foreground.13214836_10209480725356250_437576649_o

In the below painting he explained to me that you can create an interior in a painting just by using 2 diagonal lines and that without them it would just be a flat surface, but the lines activate the space. I found the idea of this interesting because the whole of the background in this painting is a flat grey colour but it does appear as an interior.


He also does this again in this painting and he explained to me that all of his work is about intrusion and obstruction, so in this one he has created an interior environment with the help of the 2 diagonal lines but to contrast that the block in the middle is obstructing that.


I’ve loved learning about painting from John, he has inspired me in so many ways, he does his work just for him which is a quality i would like to adopt. Im also inspired to take up drawing and painting when I finish uni, because I had the realisation that I had not spent time drawing in a while.




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