Exhibition night


The opening night was a huge success, I was doing a head count for Chris and at one point there were around 60 people. John looked over the moon and it was wonderful to see all of his hard work pay off. One thing that I took from the opening night were the stories that I heard from students of John. Ever single person appreciated him as a teacher and said that his teaching style and what they learned were second to none. I was told about how when talking to students about their work, he would take notes and give them to the students, giving them a much clearer understanding of what he has said to them, as well as the fact that he helped every student and made them feel like what they were doing was important and he never discouraged anyone. What a wonderful celebration of not only an astounding artist but a extremely kind and intelligent man. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with him and Chris and gained all sorts of knowledge from what needs to be done to make an exhibition work, to the framing and hanging as well as an insight into doing a Fine art Mres.

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