How I’ve potentially helped my future today

Got an email from my mum this morning about how I can potentially find the entry level positions that I’ve been looking for and haven’t been able to find. She sent me the links to groups on facebook for people looking for people to work in television –


Manchester Freelance AP/PD’s –

People who work in TV who know people who work in TV (not entry level) – (you need to know 10 people already in this group and be added by someone you know)

People Looking for TV Work: Runners (entry level) –

Northern Freelance TV Production Staff –


TV jobs website (v helpful list of indies and job sites)

I spent all morning looking at these links and websites for anything that proved useful and they seem great, with loads of opportunities popping up, also the 2 other friends that I have on facebook that are in the groups are both employed full time in television.

Also ended up searching for potential jobs and this one seems like a dream come true, although it is a 2hr commute each way, I thought that I would apply anyway seeing as It seems like the sort of job that would be ideal. I did a little research on Event Prop Hire Ltd and they are a popular and trusted company who provide props for a wide range of events. There’s a quote from them on the website that says

“We pride ourselves on our fresh ideas, creative flair, a reputation for excellent service and an emphasis on quality throughout every aspect of our business and this has resulted in a well-established, diverse and loyal customer base.”


I’m not feeling too confided about whether or not I will even get an interview but I’m putting myself out there.

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