What I’ve learned in my live project

Throughout the whole of the process of working with John, Chris and Greg to help with the exhibition I have had the time of my life. In comparing it to the commission that I did with a group last year working in a professional context, curation is much more of a vocation suited to me. I could argue that the group element of the commission that I did played a large part in my distaste for it, I think that had I chosen the people to work with it might have had a different outcome, mainly because for a final resolution we created a large joined collaged piece and mine was rather different to anyone else’s.

In doing this live project i’ve learned a great deal about the technical aspects of hanging work, such as using card to measure an equal distance between each piece as well as using a string to hang a line of work. I’ve also learmed that it takes allot of organisation to pull an exhibition together. I saw first hand how to frame pictures and was lucky enough to have a role in some of the decisions regarding the placement of work.
It is denfinatley something that I would love to do again, I found spending time with John so inspiring, he’s such a devoted and passionate person and he has an amazing wealth of knowledge, I just think that it’s a shame he was never my teacher.

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