Business cards and promoting myself

I’ve never really been one to show off my work, I rarely post on facebook and when I do use social media it tends to be once a month if that. However my recent research into trying to get a job in art and design has proved to me that I should set up a website or some form of online portfolio of my work so that I can link future job prospects to it and they can see my work. So I have set up a new instagram account purely for my artwork and am going to upload a range of pictures that I think best reflect my work.I have also printed some business cards, not only for the degree show, but it’s a crucial part of networking with potential jobs and I can use them in Job interviews to link they to my online portfolio.

I chose a recent picture of my swatch pieces to go on the back with my details on the front. I chose a minimalist design because I wanted to keep it simple. This was mostly inspired by business cards that i collected from students studying in New York whilst we were there, as these were simple and to the point.




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