Careers and employability meeting


Today I had a meeting with a lovely woman called Lisa. I asked for a meeting with the careers people so that I could learn some more about how to present myself to potential employers and the best way to get myself out there.

She gave me loads of advice for using Linkedin, which I had created briefly but not updated or changed since the Callum Peters, which was when I created it due to him singing the praises of the site in getting yourself known and making connections. She said

  • It’s a good way of reserching people and their careers and learning how they got to where they are now.
  • To change the info that comes up first (as at the moment it’s about next) to something that shows a creative side.
  • can connect to people and ask them questions about their work.
  • Add a professional photograph
  • Add some groups as it’s a good way to get information.
  • Display your skills.
  • Add a cover photo that shows your work.
  • Add connections in the art department.

She also talked about the potential uses of a twitter profile, which I don’t have. You can follow people who you admire, re tweet and be re tweeted, and that it makes yourself visable, which my online presence is not. She mentioned that the instagram that I created this morning would prove useful when trying to showcase skills and that I should put a link to it on my CV and Linkedin profile.
They also offer work shadowing and I think that it’s a good idea to do some volunteer work so I intend to have a look about what’s out there at the moment.

The careers and employability at Chester also allow you to keep in contact once you become a graduate which i’m sure will prove useful in the future.


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