What a day, I had originally gone into uni to make my shelves but Given the opportunity to ask about how the curation group is going to work in terms of degree show prep I ended up being the organiser. 13241683_10209504529431337_414461697_o (1)

The staff went to great effort to decide which provisional spaces the students would be given and this was not an easy task as there are 98 students and most exhibit for 2 subjects. So its now mine and Demi’s responsibility to be everyone’s point of contact regarding any issues that they have and then filter these through to staff members. We also have to organise the curation task group who will be put in charge of overseeing all of the work and making sure it’s done to a high standard and correct for each individual room. So me and Demi sat down this afternoon and sent an email out to everyone who signed up for curation to meet tomorrow afternoon, as of yet I have only had 2 replies so here’s hoping that everyone shows up. We also wrote with Chris an email to be sent out to all 3rd year students letting them know that they all need to come in and start work on the spaces on Monday morning and give them some details about what’s going on.


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