Final degree show

Here are some of the images of my completed degree show piece. It consisted of around 59 individual hand made pieces created from MDF, plaster, furniture upholstery, paint, thread, nails and staples. They were stacked on 3, 6 foot long shelves that I had hand made along with the paint on the wall which was hand mixed. Overall I was thrilled with the end result, and especially the decision to paint the wall grey so that they could stand out against the wall and as a whole piece. I have had an offer from an art gallery in Chester who would like to have the whole piece installed in their gallery and I’m thrilled.13549319_10209840086220047_972248406_o.jpg

My statement for the exhibition was as follows. –

For this project I have been interested in creating texture within art in an abstract manner, with the aim for this being the focus of the piece rather than representation. This eventually developed into the creation of textural monochrome pieces created out of furniture upholstery, MDF and plaster.

My final piece consists of an assemblage of around 59 monochromatic works of art of varying shapes and sizes. In creating all of the work the similar colours and format, you can carefully examine areas of the pieces and the creation of them, because I intentionally left the evidence in various ways such as the visible stitches, staples and pins that would ordinarily not be included or seen. These are traditionally things that would be used in the creation of canvases. The purpose of the visibility of the pins and staples is to create a sort of backwards painting and play on the traditional aspects of painting making as well as the wrapping of the upholstery and the white gesso like colours that I included.
The presentation for my work has revolved around philosophical ideas in such as the notion of auras in art in relation to display and how displaying art in a formal manner creates a feeling of importance or transcendence. The intention was to not display my work in a traditional sense but instead show them stacked on shelves, which stemmed from the concept of art being just an object existing in a three dimensional space, you can also see 6 pieces that aren’t MDF and upholstery but instead are plaster casts of the originals creating a literal art object that is virtually indistinguishable from the original piece.

I chose to stack all of them together on shelves haphazardly, creating an aspect of hide and seek in viewing the works as not all of them are visible. I wanted to create a conversation with the viewer about the conventions of display and in displaying them this way; with seemingly little thought, I could create an ambiguity around whether or not the work is even finished or resolved, and allow the viewer to determine whether the art has worth as art.

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